About Murray McBay

The Scottish seafood scene is vibrant, exciting and brimming with quality. Murray McBay & Co has been part of this success, running a family business for over sixty years. Their passionate advocacy of healthy eating and dedication to sourcing the freshest seafood imaginable has led them to inspire countless chefs and home cooks alike.

Murray McBay & Co have worked with lobsters since 30's. The company was founded by Murray McBay who bought the premises in the beautiful setting of Johnshaven, a rural fishing village in the North East of Scotland, in the 50's. Murray began selling to Billingsgate market in London, which we still do today, and as the demand for good quality product and reliable service all year round became higher, the company started to export to Belgium and Norway in the late 50's. Quickly Murray McBay & Co was exporting all over Europe and later made contact in the far east where we still supply to today. With Murray's knowledge and understanding of lobsters, he was able to supply his customers year round. To this day, the natural storing facility murray used is still a major asset and stand out point to the company.

Ivar McBay began working with the company once he left school, working alongside his father, learning all he could about the company and how to handle the lobsters. These years of experience and knowledge are now being passed onto the 3rd generation of the family.

Exporting fresh live seafood across the globe, Murray McBay & Co  has a reputation for providing an exceptionally friendly family service all year round from their unique storage facilities. Using many small fishing vessels, which land on a daily basis, the catch is checked for size and health before being placed in holding tanks. The chosen lobsters or crabs are then carefully packed and exported to various destinations. France, Spain, Switzerland, Japan and across the United Kingdom to name but a few.